Pickens County Commissioner  District One






Thank you for your support!



I am Amberle Johnson Godfrey, and I would like to declare my candidacy for the position of County Commissioner of District One (West) in Pickens County. As a matter of record, I have spent my entire adult life working for the betterment of our neighborhood, our schools, and our county. Whether via recorded message from your children’s school system or from the podium of your Chamber of Commerce, I have had the distinct privilege of keeping you informed about the comings and goings of all things Pickens. It is my desire to continue to do so as one of your County Commissioners.

Born to Hugh and Brenda Johnson of Hill City, my family is here, I grew up here, and I raised three children of my own here. I’ve seen our community move from one lane to four lane, from the U.S. 5¢ & 10¢ Store to Walmart, and from simple to sublime. One constant has always been the pride shared by and among the people of Pickens County. Whether you just arrived yesterday or you’ve always been here just like me, the bond of this place is a strong one and not easily broken. With that said, we have to protect, nurture, and preserve our surrounding community in the face of impending growth, and while doing that, we have to make sure to foster our most valuable resource: our children.

It is my belief that there is a simple formula to ensure that Pickens County continues to thrive. It has long been known that there is a positive correlation between economic development and education. But in most instances, economic growth is the driver of enhanced education. I think that we should try a new path. I think that if we improve our existing educational quality and expand opportunities for intellectual advancement of our children, the economic growth that we desire will follow. People will want to live here because of their children, but they’ll want to stay here because of who WE are. In order to follow this simple recipe, we need to 1) improve our schools here, and 2) make continuing education a reality for our children.

I worked for the Pickens County School System for over eight years. During my tenure there, I have become convinced that we have GOOD schools. I think that I know how to work with others to make those good schools better.

As most of you know, I have been enrolled as a student at nearby Reinhardt University. For my boys, college was always a “have to”. For me, raising my family had become my path for continuing education. I never dreamed that my first year of college would occur some thirty years after my last year at Pickens High School. But during my short time in the college classroom, I have come to truly understand just how important the opportunity for continuing education has become….and just how expensive it is to obtain. I have come to the realization that it is incumbent on us here in Pickens County to make continuing education more affordable for our rising students. In an effort to do just that, I currently serve as the Chair of the ADAY Pickens Committee for Reinhardt University. It is our goal to raise scholarship funds to assist Pickens County students to attend classes at Reinhardt. With the gracious help of our community members, continuing education is now closer…..and more affordable……..than it has ever been.

As your County Commissioner, I hope to continue working with my fellow citizens to protect what is good about our community, to nurture our children, and to foster wise economic growth.